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Disciple Bible Study continues this year with Disciple Online -- online accessible study groups that will walk through the 34 week study, Becoming Disciples through Bible Study commonly known as DISCIPLE I. The study online will consist of Bible study, group work done together on a threaded discussion board available to you at your convenience, and group work done together during one set time-slot which is listed for each group. Group members must be willing to covenant to participate faithfully over the course of the study together in order for the group to be meaningful for all involved. All work is done on your own except for the 1 1/2 hour live meeting, so you must be available during the group's appointed live weekly meeting time.


Requirements: High speed internet access, a Disciple Bible Study student manual, a microphone or headset, and an adventurous spirit and desire to study the Bible with others in a new way! An enrollment fee for all Disciple Online courses of $30 per person covers the use of the online software and technical support.


Below you will find a list of Disciple Online courses available for enrollment. If you have any questions, please email Lisa at and ask before you enroll. More information about Disciple Online is available at





Disciple Online for Anyone, Sundays at 7 pm Central -- $30

This Disciple Online group is offered by Jacque Quesenberry, James Lawton, and Raymond Matthews for anyone who wishes to participate in Disciple Bible Study online. Participants must be willing to covenant with others from all over the US or beyond to study the scriptures faithfully for the duration of the course (34 lessons) and participate weekly in one live meeting on Sunday evenings at 7 pm.


An orientation meeting will be held on Sunday, October 13 at 7 pm Central time to introduce group members to the software being used. If you cannot attend, the session will be recorded for you to view later.


Group members will also need a Disciple manual: Becoming Disciples through Bible Study. It is available from Amazon in paperback or by Kindle.


If there are not enough enrollments for the group to succeed all $30 fees will be refunded. Please enroll early if interested.


If you have questions, please email Lisa at


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